Flying Fox

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The Flying Fox Olympiastadion is not only the latest attraction in Munich – this sensation is unique in all of Europe!

A height of 35 meters, a rope with a length of over 200 meters, you and the moment.

After walking on the roof of the Olympic Stadium, you fly across the whole stadium with our special construction. Enjoy the spectacular view before happiness and adrenaline unite. Jump over your own shadow and fly from the roof of the Olympic Stadium!

Adults EUR 37.00 per person  

Children, school pupils, students EUR 32.00 per person




14.03.-22.03.15: Sa & So ab 11.00 Uhr

23.03.-24.05.15: Do-So & Feiertage ab 11 .00Uhr

25.05.-04.10.15: täglich ab 11.00 Uhr

05.10.-08.11.15: Do-So & Feiertage ab 11.00 Uhr


Flying Fox

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