Eingang zum SEA LIFE München im Olympiapark
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The tropical underwater paradise in the midst of the Olympic Park!


More than 8000 underwater stars at SEA LIFE Munich perform their daily routines in more than 30 authentic and natural aquaria. On a voyage of discovery down the River Isar, via the mighty Danube to the Mediterranean Sea and ultimately a tropical ocean, visitors not only learn about the water cycle but gain an insight into the widely differing habitats of sea creatures. Creatures from domestic waters, such as inquisitive sturgeons and plump carp are just as impressive as the famous Nemo and his colourful reef companions. Otto the crafty octopus sticks to the glass with his tentacles and inquisitively eyes the visitors. The enormous bear crab, a true master of camouflage, cannot be found so easily and makes it worth taking a closer look into each tank.

One of the highlights is the 400,000 litre ocean aquarium with its 10 metre glass tunnel that visitors can stroll through while above them sharks and turtles vie for their attention. A quiz path such as SEA LIFE's own SCUBASIS and a discovery room, in which you can get a feeling for diving without getting wet, are both educational and entertaining. Visitors both young and old can get to know many different creatures on their visit and not only gain an insight in to the wonderful underwater world, but also get a feeling of how important it is to protect these habitats.


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Open daily from 10:00 am

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High season (April to September):

daily: last entry 18:00 (we close at 19:00)


Intermediate season (October):

Monday to Friday:

last entry 17:00 (we close at 18:00)


Weekends/Bavarian public holidays:

last entry 18:00 (we close at 19:00)


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last entry 16:00 (we close at 17:00)


Weekends/Bavarian public holidays:

last entry 18:00 (we close at 19:00)



Christmas Eve (24 December) CLOSED

Tip: The quietest and best time to visit SEA LIFE is

Monday to Friday after 2 p.m.!


Our ticket prices:

Adults: €16.50

Children (3 - 14 years): €10.95

Children under 3 go free

Show your Olympic Tower or your Olympic Ice Sports Centre ticket and get 5 € off


Please be aware that for legal reasons children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult when visiting SEA LIFE München.

No dogs.

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