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06/12/2020 - 06/14/2020


Fri 12 June 8 p.m. (Admission 18:30 hrs)

Sat 13 June 7 p.m. (Admission 17:30 hrs)

Sun 14 June 6 p.m. (Admission 16:30 hrs)



Fri 13.3., 20:00 hrs (Admission 18:30 hrs)

Sat 14.3., 19:00 hrs (Admission 17:30 hrs)

Sun 15.3., 18:00 hrs (Admission 16:30 hrs)

Olympic Hall
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New Date! Ehrlich Brothers

DREAM & FLY – the new magic show

New Date! Ehrlich Brothers

Due to the decision of the Bavarian Cabinet of 10.03.2020, events with more than 1000 persons may not take place until 19.04.2020.

As a result, the Ehrlich Brothers event on 13, 14 and 15 March 2020 in the Munich Olympic Hall will be postponed until 12 June (8 p.m.), 13 June (7 p.m.) and 14 June 2020 (6 p.m.) - also in the Munich Olympic Hall.

Tickets already purchased remain valid.

The Ehrlich Brothers take their brand-new show on tour, including three dates at the Munich Olympic Hall. "Dream & Fly" will be their biggest show ever to go on the road.

With their highly-elaborate new show, Andreas and Chris Ehrlich are set to rock the biggest arenas, not only in front of their audiences but also on a specially-built centre stage placing them amidst the crowd.

Enhancing their live show, the Ehrlich Brothers will also bring their backup band, a spectacular set and lighting, adding to the hot grooves and potent sound. No less than twenty 40-ton trucks will be needed to transport all the equipment for the extravaganza. As to the content, all will be revealed when the time comes!

"Magie Träume Erleben" and FASZINATION have thrilled millions of fans, igniting magical fever and extra shows had to be organised to meet the unprecedented audience demand.

This time, the show promises to be even bigger and more breath-taking!