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 > Carl Orffs „Carmina Burana" staged by „La Fura dels Baus“


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06/30/2018 - 07/01/2018

Saturday 30.6. & Sunday 1.7.


Entrance: 20:00 hrs.

Start: 22:00 hrs.

Finish: 23:05 hrs


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Tollwood Gesellschaft für Kulturveranstaltungen und Umweltaktivitäten mbH
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Carl Orffs „Carmina Burana" staged by „La Fura dels Baus“

Tollwood’s Gift to Munich

Carl Orffs „Carmina Burana" staged by „La Fura dels Baus“

“O Fortuna!” Everyone is familiar with the power of this choral arrangement from “Carmina Burana”. This song collection is one of the most famous classical music works.

Catalan stage power, Munich orchestral culture, Carl Orff’s masterpiece – Carl Orff’s scoring of medieval texts from the Benedictine monastery of Benediktbeuer is what might be described in today’s pop world as a mega hit. This collection of 24 songs in total about fortune, prosperity, the dangers of drinking, lust, gluttony and gambling are performed all over the world, but take on an almost hymn-like quality when sung on the Bavarian stage due to their origin.

Conductor, choir and musicians come from the Musikhochschule München, Munich’s Academy of Music. The version played is that by Orff’s student Wilhelm Killmayer with choir, two pianos and percussion.

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