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No access to the event for children under the age of 6. Access for children from age 6 to 14 only in company of a primary carer or custodian.

Olympic Hall
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Roland Kaiser

„Alles oder Dich“ Tour 2020

Roland Kaiser

Roland Kaiser - few other names are as closely associated with German schlager music as this 66-year-old from Berlin. For almost four and a half decades his recognisable flawless vocal style has inspired entire generations, as he continues to captivate audiences even to this day.

Kaiser's upcoming big arena tour bears the same name as his brand-new album; his latest tribute and the profoundest declaration one can offer a loved one: "Alles oder Dich"!

With "Alles oder Dich” released on 15th March 2019, Roland Kaiser has continued with his successful live appearances in big arenas since 2018 through into 2019, while also reinventing himself time and again. Free from artistic pressure, Roland Kaiser is as in tune with the times and captivating as he has ever been. Undeterred by new challenges, the seasoned entertainer combines his flawless vocal style with an opulent delivery, guiding his audiences on a highly personal musical journey, as he serenades them with songs from his latest album, "Alles oder Dich".

Together with his outstanding live-band, Roland Kaiser also performs new interpretations of his greatest hits such as: "Dich zu lieben", "Santa Maria", "Alles was du willst", "Schach Matt" as well as his YouTube hit: "Warum hast du nicht nein gesagt" (Why Didn't You Say No?).  


Local organizer: PGM Promoters Group Munich Konzertagentur GmbH