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No access to the event for children under the age of 6. Access for children from age 6 to 14 only in company of a primary carer or custodian.

Olympic Hall
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RTK Roland Temme Konzertveranstaltungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
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New Date! Peter Maffay


New Date! Peter Maffay

Peter Maffay has to be postponed his Anniversarytour due the Covid-19 pandemic to 2021. Tickets purchased in advance remain valid.

His 50th Anniversary and this time it’s gonna to be loud! Peter Maffay returns to the Munich stage three years after his successful unplugged MTV tour in 2018.

Having just put out his latest rock album featuring brand new songs, in 2019 Peter Maffay celebrates both his 50th anniversary on stage and his 70th birthday. Maffay’s not someone inclined to rest on his laurels: "We don't look back, we focus on what's on our minds right now!"

Backed by his band, Germany's most successful rock musician is raring to go. "We are very grateful for all those who have accompanied, motivated and even challenged us in the past and who’ve stayed with us," he says. "It may sound a bit trite, but it’s always true: The audience is what really matters, and all of this means nothing without the fans”.

As far as Peter Maffay is concerned, his fans are like old friends who live far away: "Even if you can't meet them as often as you’d like, you still need to stay in touch every year or two, so as not to lose the connection. It’s best when it feels like you just met up yesterday and these moments can't be matched by anything else. Our community means a lot to us and we’re really keen to celebrate our anniversary with a new album and to go on tour again."


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