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20:00 pm

Olympic Hall
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RTK Roland Temme Konzertveranstaltungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
0221 / 399 29 0
Peter Maffay

"So Far Tour" 2022

Peter Maffay

Peter Maffay and his band have recorded a rock album with new tracks, because although he celebrated his 50th stage anniversary and his 70th birthday in 2019, he does not want to repeat or recycle anything. "We don't look back, we focus on what's on our minds today," he says.

The concert has been rescheduled from 03/20/2020, to 07/24/2021, to 09/27/2021, to 03/10/2022 to 09/08/2022. Tickets already purchased remain valid.

No access to the event for children under the age of 6. Access for children from age 6 to 14 only in company of a primary carer or custodian.

Local organizer: PGM Promoters Group Munich Konzertagentur GmbH