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No access to the event for children under the age of 6. Access for children from age 6 to 14 only in company of a primary carer or custodian.

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New Date! Kerstin Ott

Ich geh meinen Weg (Going my way) – The 2020 Tour

New Date! Kerstin Ott

Kerstin Ott is proof that it’s worth going your own way! Starting in November 2020, she’ll be heading out on her biggest tour of Germany yet, to the joy of her rapidly-growing fanbase.

The success of the chart-topper seems unstoppable. Her third album: "Ich muss Dir was sagen" is set for release in November and she’s getting ready for her upcoming tour. The artist has won over a lot of hearts along the way and the demand for her appearances is on the rise.

With her 2016 breakthrough single, "Die immer lacht" clocking up over 168 million views on YouTube, Kerstin Ott has taken the German music charts by storm. Her success continued with the summer hit, "Scheissmelodie" taken from her top 4 debut album. "Herzbewohner" went gold, and has since reached platinum.

Kerstin Ott has proven to the German music world that she’s anything but a one-hit-wonder with much more still to offer. Kerstin Ott has never shied away from opening herself to her fans, giving them a window into her life through her music – also showing her vulnerable side. With "Ich muss Dir was sagen" the North German singer/songwriter is in her most intimate, courageous and emotional mood.

Kerstin Ott sings about her real-life stories, sincerity and soulfulness in each line of her songs, sharing real feelings and stories with her fans instead of producing manufactured pop. Her signature mix of pop, dance and folk sound is carried by Kerstin's instantly-recognizable voice sung over her beloved acoustic guitar.


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