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20:00 - 23:00
Olympic Hall
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Queen + Adam Lambert

The „Rhapsody“ - Tour

Queen + Adam Lambert

On their "Rhapsody" Tour, Queen + Adam Lambert are all set to present their show in Munich in June that will leave all previous shows in the shade, triggering ecstatic responses worldwide.

One of the first European concerts since the release of the movie blockbuster "Bohemian Rhapsody", which recounted the illustrious history of this unique band. Fans can look forward to a sensational arena production of these champions of rock music.

The iconic rockers are fronted by lead singer Adam Lambert, taking the band to new heights with his stylish mix of theatrics, sex appeal and powerful vocals. With this format, Queen is heading for new heights! A special feature are the memorable video clips of the band with Freddy Mercury.

Stage design, visual effects, and technology are the hallmarks of these high-impact Queen + Adam Lambert shows, that focus on their greatest hits. Featuring no less than 29 songs, the "Rhapsody" tour is considered a watershed event, setting a high bar for live performance experiences.

The outstanding reviews of the "Rhapsody Tour" show makes it a ‘must-see’ event. “Featuring the biggest singles catalogue of the rock era", according to one news headline. "The best arena show ever", shouted another. "Yes, they are the champions" and: "Queen + Adam Lambert honour their legacy in every way". Critics and fans all agree that Queen boasts a unique rock legacy, their music combining nostalgia and contemporaneity.