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The official opening of the European Championships

Munich 2022 awakes

The official opening of the European Championships

On 10 August will focus on special and unexpected moments. In the entire Olympic Park, visitors can expect a fantastic atmosphere and an overall audiovisual production that will whet their appetite for more: for the biggest multi-sport event in Germany since the 1972 Olympic Games and thus for eleven days of top international sport and a light-hearted festival feeling.

The Olympic Park will become a place of togetherness and community. A place for athletes. For artists. For visitors who can attend the spectacle free of charge. The evening of 10 August offers a foretaste of eleven days of events, full of top international sport and a colourful festival, far removed from the classic opening ceremonies.

The three "acts" of the opening: Dreamy calm. Awakening. Shining life.

When the sun sets low in the sky at 6.30 p.m., phase one of the Opening begins with the dreamy calm. Walking acts, (light) installations and bands take the visitors visually and with spherical acoustics on a journey into the world of dreams for an hour.

The awakening begins at 7.30 pm. Marching bands can be clearly heard moving into the Olympic Park from all directions. Small dynamic bands replace the spherical acts and enliven the music programme on the various stages. Larger-than-life Dundu puppets and stilt-walkers transform the park into a fairytale forest.

Marteria will provide the brilliant hello-wake-up effect. The rapper from Rostock is one of the most popular and influential solo artists in the nation and his music hits the nerve of the times.

Meanwhile, the ten-member Munich brass band Moop Mama lends the opening a mix of urban sounds and local colour. True to the motto of providing surprising moments, all visitors can look forward to another musical highlight and a stage programme that complete the overall audiovisual production.

After the awakening, the crowning glory will be the shining life. Trees light up the night sky, bands parade through the grounds and illuminations make the Olympic Park appear in a colourful sea of lights. The Opening offers a veritable fireworks display of sensory impressions that will enthrall the audience and allow them to escape from reality.

The official opening of the European Championships Munich 2022 is open to all residents of Munich as well as fans and sports enthusiasts beyond the city limits.