Roof Climb and Flying Fox

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We invite you to see an incomparable attraction high up on the roof of the Olympic stadium in Munich. All that you need is some courage for we supply the rope and carbiners. You climb with a small group up to giddy heights. You'll be gone for 120 exciting minutes and we promise you that every minute will be unforgettable.

Fantastic Views. Our tour guides tell you about the architecture and construction of the world famous Olympic stadium right near it. Enjoy the view over the city of Munich's skyline with its characteristic spires of the Frauenkirche church. And in good weather in particular, you can admire the unending Bavarian Alps stretching to Germany's highest mountain, the Zugspitze.

  • Adults:
    78.00 €
  • Children between 10-15 years, pupils and students (with valid ID):
    68.00 €
  • Minimum rate for Groups of less than 9 adults:
    650.00 €

approx. 90 - 120 minutes (depends on group size)

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