Event Locations at the Olympic park Munich

With this unique concentration and combination of different event and leisure facilities and corresponding attractions, the Olympic Park in Munich has developed to become one of the most important centres of its kind.

More than three decades have passed since the Olympic Games in 1972 and yet the Olympic Park in Munich continues to be a unique site that is full of life. Most of the Olympic Games sites have passed into history but in Munich a leisure and event centre has become established that has worldwide esteem. The fact that there have been 178,2 million paying visitors since the spectacular event in 1972 speaks for itself.... 

The Olympic Park in Munich is impressive with its outstanding architecture and it is still in keeping with the times. In contrast to many other Olympic sites it still continues to be filled with life everyday. Every year four million people come to the Olympic Park and buy a ticket - either to do sport themselves, to use tourist attractions or to watch the numerous top events and entertainments. And this figure does not even include the many thousands of people walking or jogging in the park.

Every year several hundred events are held at various places within the Olympic Park. For example, there is a football match practically every week in the Olympic stadium, and the Olympic hall (usually sold out) is used on more than 200 days a year for rock and pop concerts, sports events, exhibitions or trade fairs. The Olympic stadium has a maximum capacity of 75,000 and the Olympic hall holds almost 14,000 people, making them the two biggest event locations in and around Munich.

The Olympic Park in Munich is not only a magnet for tourists or for admirers of unique architecture but also for the people of Munich who spend their leisure time here. Munich residents go to see concerts or sports events here or they do sports themselves in the Olympic swimming centre or in the Olympic ice rink centre. Overall, the Olympic Park Munich is a unique site with a variety of activities and the most lively Olympic Park in the world.