About us


The Olympic area located in the north of Munich is managed by the Olympiapark München GmbH, a 100% investment company of the City of Munich. The company’s tasks include the maintenance of the venues facilities, buildings and outside areas of the park and to run the facilities by filling it with life. This is achieved by 120 enthusiastic staff members from different professional sectors.

The company’s motto is: Think and act in a creative, innovative, economic as well as customer- and future- oriented way. Its main tasks consist of acquiring and/or generating new events, keeping leisure facilities up-to-date and ensuring that the venues are in state-of-the-art condition.

The services which are offered by the Olympiapark München GmbH to its customers are of particular importance: the company’s competence comprises event organisation, PR and media relations, incentives, catering services, ticket sale and marketing – all of which is ensured and realised by one the company’s business partners like DO & CO München GmbH or München Ticket GmbH.

Beyond its international reputation as an event and leisure centre, the Olympic park also represents an important economic potential for the Bavarian capital. Large events such as MUNICH MASH 2014/15/16/17/18, X Games Munich 2013, UEFA Champions League Festival incl. Women´s Final 2012, the European Athletics Championships in 2002, the concert of the “3 Tenors” 1996, the Davis Cup final 1985, the basketball finals in 1989 and 1999, the Compaq Grand Slam Tennis Cup in the years 1990-1999, or the guest performances of “Holiday on Ice” (since 1972), shareholder meetings held by major enterprises (Allianz, BMW, Siemens), exhibitions and large outdoor events (e.g. FIFA Fan Fest 2006, folk Festivals, fire works) as well as numerous additional events have contributed to the prosperity especially of the retail and tourist industry. Not to mention the positive marketing and promotion effects that events of such caliber generate for the City of Munich and its tourist industry.


To secure and further extend the extraordinary diversity of leisure facilities and the economic existence of the Olympic park in the future, an unprecedented cooperation of high-profile business enterprises in the field of event centre marketing was founded in 1992 – the Treffpunkt Olympiapark (Meeting Point Olympic Park). The intention of this pool of sponsors is to make use of the communication potential of the Olympic park in favour of a selected group of enterprises with different product portfolios. That way, the cooperating parties benefit from the fascination and the high experience value of the Olympic park. At the same time, the financial means obtained by the partnerships will be used for acquiring new, attracting top events and for improving the park’s infrastructure.

In the current business year 2021 the Meeting Point Olympic Park, which is supported by the S&K Marketingberatung GmbH, is made up of the following companies: AOK Bayern, BMW subsidiary Munich, Coca-Cola, Langnese, Leonardo Hotels, Lotto Bayern, Münchner Brauereien and Stadtsparkasse München.

For the past four decades, the Olympic park has been the ideal platform for a wide spectrum of event and leisure facilities. And that’s what it will continue to be in the future. Especially with respect to the Olympic stadium, the Olympiapark Muenchen GmbH will focus its attention on important and economically promising events. These events are the main target. It is also crucial to preserve the unique architecture such as the Olympic tent roof as a hallmark of the city of Munich and at the same time gear the venues facilities towards the future.