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Modernisation and reconstruction


Construction work on the Olympic Hall started in 2007. These were the first changes to the Olympic buildings since 1972: The Olympic Hall was converted and there is now a completely new Small Olympic Hall. For the future of the Olympic Park, modernisation the park's core component is of paramount importance.

The most important changes can be summarised as follows: stand and capacity expansion, diverse restaurants which are accessible from the outside, permanently installed kiosks (also partially accessible from the outside), a completely new VIP area with access to Business Seats, a completely new logistics area with kitchen and direct delivery to the stage area, and a tunnel connection to the new Small Olympic Hall, which is constructed underground with a capacity of up to 3,600 visitors (standing). This has substantially expanded the range of events for Munich, and both visitors and customers experience an Olympic Hall with more service and a feel-good environment.

The basic structural conditions of the Olympic Hall cannot be changed for visitors with disabilities, but the facilities were quantitatively and qualitatively enhanced during the course of restructuring, especially in the area of disabled parking. During construction of the Small Olympic Hall, however, an infrastructure will be created according to the most modern standards (lifts, ramps, arena seats, toilets etc.) for guests with disabilities.