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Better logistics and more events for Munich

In particular, tour planning has changed significantly since 1972. Time pressure has also greatly increased in this business. And the Olympic Hall had a major drawback: There was no direct exit to the stage that could be driven up to by the tour trucks. And the loading and unloading outside the hall takes time that the organisers do not have if you have to build the most elaborately designed stage again the next day in another city (back-to-back tours). Without the conversion of the Olympic Hall, many international artists might have already steered well clear of Munich and the Olympic Park, which would have had a devastating impact on the economic efficiency of Olympiapark München GmbH.


Completely new access to the stage area of the Olympic Hall has been built where the Small Olympic Hall currently stands as an annex to the Olympic Hall. Even large trucks drive directly up to the backstage area to unload equipment of any kind. To enable economically efficient operation of the new restaurant, the delivery, storage and waste areas will be combined at the rear of the Small Olympic Hall, and a new central regeneration kitchen with associated daily stores and cold stores will be installed two levels above, which will connect to the new restaurant via a lower floor. The existing kitchen in the Olympic Hall will be converted to a new utility room; new changing rooms for the entire kitchen and restaurant staff will be created one level below. An additional truck access is provided at the north side of the Small Olympic Hall. The former building access to the Small Olympic Hall will be converted to a covered area for the container which was previously outdoors. To provide events with a replacement for the Small Olympic Hall, which no longer exists as a result of the above conversions, a new event hall for up to 4,000 visitors is planned for the east side of the Olympic Hall - the "New Small Olympic Hall". Due to its structural volume, this hall is to be below the architectural ensemble of the Olympic buildings, underground between the Olympic Hall and the Olympic Swimming Pool.