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From the old to the new Small Olympic Hall

To build the direct exit for trucks behind the stage, the old Small Olympic Hall had to go. However, as an annex building for many events, such as horse shows, motocross or major tours, this is an important part of the event, without which the event could not be held. The new Small Olympic Hall is therefore be built with a direct tunnel connection to the Olympic Hall. But this underground hall is more than the old Small Olympic Hall, since it is not only an annex, but rather an independent hall for up to 3,600 people, where recordings can be made. And it is precisely this hall which closes a gap in the market in Munich. For visitors, the renovation and reconstruction means, above all, an extension of the range of events.

Entrance of the new Olympic Hall

The hall is situated under one of the embankments of the landscaped ‘floe’ connecting the Lilian-Board-Weg and the Lutz-Long-Ufer. Natural daylight is provided by generously-sized windows. Access is via a conical ‘incision’ in the ground, running between the hall and foyer, which serves as both a connecting passage and an entrance area.

The entrance levels of the foyer include cloakrooms; changing rooms are provided on an intermediate level. The catering and WC areas are connected in the lower foyer level.

In the event that both halls are being used at once, the connection between the foyer and hall level of the Olympic Hall is made via the existing connecting tunnel to the workshop building, which, through the connection of the hall, is architecturally enhanced by a related expansion of this area.

Deliveries to the hall are made via a ramp and a covered delivery area, which is connected to the existing indoor swimming pool tunnel.