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A new restaurant with around 480 seats and a newly constructed beer garden with around 1,000 seats, as well as a number of permanently installed kiosks in the surrounding area of Olympic Hall, raise the catering inside and outside the hall to a contemporary level. The restaurant can also be used prior to events in the Olympic Hall as a temporary foyer with up to 900 standing places at the restaurant level and up to 600 standing places on the roof terrace.

As a room-high, glazed "canopy" over the stand, the part of the restaurant which faces the hall interior (about 260 seats) offers wide views into the arena, while the part facing Coubertinplatz (around 130 seats), with a front terrace (around 90 seats) gives a view of the Olympic Lake, Olympic Hill and the Olympic Stadium.

Both restaurants are reached via a flight of stairs from Coubertinplatz over the intermediate foyer, and are also catered by the common intermediate regeneration kitchen. Supply and disposal from the central kitchen is done via the lower level.

At the pedestrian level, the beer garden and the side entrance to the restaurant are arranged with WC facilities. Inspired by the architectural design of the Olympic buildings, the restaurant is built as a steel construction with light fixtures. At the level of Coubertinplatz, pedestrians can walk underneath the building, and on the accessible viewing decks, the restaurant has the feel of a "ship".