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VIP area

The existing VIP area has largely been gutted and fitted with new movable partition walls, variable spaces for individual sponsors and large connected spaces. This enables flexible use and hospitality of this area for up to 1,200 VIPs. Access to the VIP area (Business Area) will be relocated and consolidated into one new common glass foyer with access to the existing administration building. On the north side of the administration, new parking spaces with appropriate planting have been created for VIP guests, as well as a parking area for trucks and television broadcast vans.

In this area, a new technology tunnel also links the existing connecting tunnel to the workshop building. The access areas of the Business Area in the arena have been aesthetically enhanced. There are 192 comfortable "Business Seats" in the stand.

The previous press block in the stand will be moved by one block towards the east stand. The new press entrance near foyer two is fitted with a glass porch system.