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Shareholders, Supervisory Board Members and Managing Directors

The Olympiapark München GmbH is an investment company 100% owned by the City of Munich.
The goal of the company is to maintain and run the grounds of the Olympic park and its functionally and locally connected facilities including outside and auxiliary areas and to pursue all business activities associated with this task.

Shareholders Supervisory Board Managing Director
City of
Chairman Supervisory Board
Mayoress Mrs. Verena Dietl
Marion Schöne
Managing Director, Munich
Town Councillor
Mrs. Anna Hanusch
1. Deputy Chairperson of the Supervisory Board
Town Councillor
Mrs. Dr. Evelyn Menges
2. Deputy Chairperson of the Supervisory Board
City Treasurer
Mr. Christoph Frey
Town Councillor
Mrs. Nimet Gökmenoglou
Town Councillor
Mr. Nikolaus Gradl
Town Councillor
Mrs. Ulrike Grimm
Head of the Planning Department
Mrs. Prof. Dr. (University of Florence) Elisabeth Merk
Town Councillor
Mr. Alexander Reissl
Town Councillor
Mrs. Dr. Julia Schmitt-Thiel
Town Councillor
Mr. Florian Schönemann
Town Councillor
Mrs. Julia Schönfeld-Knor
Town Councillor
Mr. David Süß
City School Councillor
Mr. Florian Kraus