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Outside Area

Der Olympiapark mit seinen Wiesen und Wegen zum Spazieren und Schlendern
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The varied programme is a theme throughout the Olympic Park. Munich Marathon, 24h-MTB-Race, summer festivals with fireworks, X Games and the FIS Ski World Cup at the Olympic Hill are some of the top events...

Regardless of whether you come for inline skating, basketball, skateboarding, jogging, football or minigolf or whether you go to a jumble sale or a live concert in the Theatron, the message in the park is "come together". And now you can actually come across top stars at any time of the day or night, at least those that have been immortalized in the Munich Olympic Walk of Stars ...

The Olympic Park is a wonderful experience for Munich residents who use it for nearby leisure and for tourists from all over the world who come here for sightseeing. The park railway brings its passengers easily to every part of the Olympic Park.

And when the sun competes with the unique Olympic tent roof silhouette it is time for a Bavarian snack. In the beer garden, on the grass or at the Olympic lake.

Attention Emission Zone – Park harp free!

The Middle Ring itself is not a green zone. Thus, there is for visitors to the Olympia Park the opportunity to drive directly from the central ring (Landshuterallee) Sapporobogen on the harp in the Park – without environmental badge.

Parking fees

Parking fees for cars:

Park harp: 5.00 €/day


At the Olympic Tower parking deck and parking at the Olympic Ice Sport Centre:

up to 30 minutes free

2 hours: 4,00 €

3 hours: 5,00 €

4 hours: 6,00 €

5 hours: 7,00 €

6 hours: 8,00 €

daily rate: 12,00 €


Parking fees for bus: parking at the Olympic Ice Sport Centre:

30 minutes: 5,00 € 

90 minutes: 10,00 €

daily rate: 20,00 €


Campers: Park harp at the Olympic Stadium: 20.00 €/day

Hans-Jochen-Vogel-Square (formerly Coubertin Square)

Event area max. 18,000 m²
Visitors annually approx. 1,000.000
Power supply 6 diff. points of delivery
Power rating 3 x 2,000 Watts
1,300.000 Watts
Miscellaneous flat, asphalted area
Public Restrooms

Olympic Lake (including Walk of Stars)

Total area 86,000 m²
Total length 1,120 m
Maximum Width 223 m
Volumetric capacity 110,000 m³
Maximum water depth 1.30 m


Max. number of seats 5,000
Visitors (annually) approx. 127,000
Lake stage 280 m²
Power supply self-contained