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Munich Olympic Walk of Stars

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This is the home of the stars - that's the message of the Munich Olympic Walk of Stars (MOWOS). Munich's Olympic Park is a place where the world's famous faces come together. And this has been documented since 2003 via a pathway on the banks of the Olympic Lake.  

National and international legends from the worlds of sport, music and entertainment have left - and will continue to leave - their everlasting mark with hands and signets in the concrete and take their place on the Olympic Park's MOWOS. To be included in the Walk of Stars, the celebrities must have achieved successes in the Olympic Stadium, the Olympic Hall, the Olympic Swimming Pool or in the Olympic Ice Sports Centre, or have earned their place around the Olympic Park.


The first cement mixers came on 28 May 2003 and in the meantime, the "Legends' Walk of Fame" has developed into a really popular attraction. Indeed, that's no wonder given the quality of this international hit list. More than 170 stars and important personalities are now immortalised in the MOWOS. They include His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, a former President of Germany, the great and the good as well as Oscar winners. Not forgetting the stars with plaques on Hollywood Boulevard in L.A. Also, all continents are represented with the exception of Africa and Australia.

The immortalised legends have more than 3000 combined years in show business under their belts and, taken together, have sold an amazing 3.4 billion records all round the globe. The appearances by the immortalised stars from show business and sport in the Olympic Park alone have been visited by an estimated six million people.

The hard facts are on display along the 800 metre path alongside the Olympic lake at the foot of the Olympic tower. To date, a total of over 6100 kg of cement and 85 square metres of steel mesh have gone into the 90 x 90 cm blocks. Finally, all of the blocks, just 76 in number, have been sealed with 610 litres of special paint in order to protect them against the wind and weather.

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