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Black limo after black limo rolled up every quarter of an hour to the backstage area of Munich’s Olympiahalle. Everyone came with their own entourage. So it can take quite a while until all the members of the band are finally present and correct. And then of course the stylists in wardrobe first have to get to work to make sure the outfits are perfect, especially for the flamboyant Steven Tyler, who also painted his fingernails black for the MOWOS.


The MOWOS team had to worry about the cement too, to make sure it didn't get too hard. And then the band’s management team had another surprise: with just ten minutes’ notice, they said that they wanted 135 fans to witness the ceremony - a special treat for members of the official fan club. So there was a quick re-build to make sure there was enough room for everyone and that nobody fell in the cement.


The atmosphere was, of course, electric. The 135 fans from all over Europe were wild with delight, being able to get so close to their idols. After the ceremony, Tyler, Perry and the band signed tons of autographs. The most memorable moment was when Tyler signed his name on the skin of one of his adoring fans. But she wasn't the only one to receive a special gift, because Tyler was kissing his rows of female admirers one after the other ...


Huge rock ‘n’ roll theatre before a fantastic rock ‘n’ roll show in Munich’s Olympiahalle. Keep on walking...




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