David Copperfield

He didn't levitate, neither did he suddenly disappear. David Copperfield appeared as an ordinary person when he placed his magic hands in the Olympic Hall's guest book of honoured performers.

However, it was a little out of the ordinary. This was because the MOWOS team was joined by a security guard who carefully monitored the activities. After all, it might have been possible for the team to spy out one or other of the magic tricks in the Olympic Hall…

The magic magician underwent the ceremony itself as if to the manner born, smiling throughout. The whole event took place between the matinee and evening performances, therefore this most famous of all magicians was unable to try on his Bavarian present properly, despite the photographers requesting him to. After all, the traditional hat would have played havoc with his perfectly coiffured locks. And then he disappeared with light steps, to prepare for his coming artistic performance. 

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