David Garrett

Home game: another immortalisation in German ... he was nice, friendly and very relaxed. But it took a while before we were finally able to include David Garrett in our MOWOS. After all, he's been enjoying success in the Olympic Hall for many years now.


And his rewards for this have been two-fold. Not only can his fans (some 80,000 have come to his eight concerts so far) marvel at a plaque on the Olympic lake, but his management team have also given us a viral record on the Olympic Park Facebook page by sharing our post. As a result, our immortalisation of Garrett was seen by well over 200,000 fans.


As a result, many Garrett fans learned about the MOWOS and are now familiar with our wonderful place of pilgrimage on the Olympic lake. So it's worth taking a look, for example ahead of the next concert in the Olympic Hall ...


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