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The concert had long been over, it was past midnight and Nena had still not arrived! Finally, her management were able to coax her out of her dressing room, even though the pop idol of the 80s initially had no idea what she was supposed to do in the corridors of the Olympic Hall.


But as soon as she saw the concrete slab, Nena “flicked the switch” and became the light-hearted girl again that we know so well. Hardly any explanation from the MOWOS Team was necessary before her hands were plunged into the cement. And did she want to wash her hands afterwards? No, she liked the feel of it and left the fresh cement on her hands! What Nena really would have liked to do was to stroke everyone on the check with her rough hands...


So it was worth the wait. Nena, who has performed in many fantastic concerts at the Olympic Hall, not only in the 1980s, but also on her wild comeback tour in the new millennium, now has a permanent place in the Olympic Park with her original handprints. There may not be a “Lighthouse” on the Olympic Lake, but at least there is now a commemorative plaque for Nena.

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