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Ozzy Osbourne


15.6.2011: The legendary Ozzy Osbourne was immortalised before his solo concert in the Olympic Hall.

With titles such as the "Prince of Darkness", or the "Godfather of Metal", he is surrounded by an aura of insanity; he is alleged to have bitten the heads off animals on stage and performed occult rituals, but most importantly of all, Ozzy and his band Black Sabbath have had a tremendous influence on the world of hard rock, and are regarded as the co-founders of metal. Of course, we've had a close eye on this legendary star for a long time, since his numerous appearances at the Olympic Hall have always been highlights of rock history.


The eccentric rocker lifestyle has now left deep traces on Ozzy's body, which are now visible on the stage, but which are even more dramatic in "real" life. At least that was our impression when the Prince of darkness tripped around the corner in a manner very unlike a prince. He was stooped forwards to almost 45 degrees, and people had to rush to help him to stop him falling. But despite all the concerns, the friendly chap had enough strength to press his hands firmly into the Munich cement. Grimacing, he showed his green hands with vigour and wrote "Go crazy with me" over his hand prints. He then shuffled off with small steps and a marked stoop.


He reminded us slightly of the Duracell bunny. For a certain amount of time, he can still really perform, but when the burst of energy subsides, his drugs and alcohol-ravaged body collapses in on itself. Ozzy is immortal, however - at least on the banks of the Olympic Lake.


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