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Roger Waters


20.06.2011: Waters came, saw and won - or something like that ...

 ... at least it was the fastest immortalisation in MOWOS history. Nobody has been faster. In what felt like 30 seconds, everything was done (actually, it was 1 minute 35 seconds). The grand master and former head of Pink Floyd agreed to the handprint at the very last minute and certainly didn't waste time either. The cement plaque was placed in the middle of tour crates at the truck thoroughfare, the shortest distance from the wardrobe to the stage. Roger Waters came along in a black t-shirt and had the procedure explained to him as he walked.

Then it was hands in, a quick look up, a mini-smile for the only photographer allowed, a signature and then he wanted to be on his way again. We just about managed to get him to write "The Wall" on his plaque. And whoosh - he was gone.


Maybe he was focusing completely on the concert, because he was playing the original show of The Wall from the 1980s. But even though the line-up of Pink Floyd is not the original one, the show is without doubt the biggest rock extravaganza that the Olympic Hall has ever seen. Thank you for this concert experience, and thank you to all the other legends that have now left their mark at the Olympic Lake.



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