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Yusuf / Cat Stevens


17.05.2011: Yusuf, alias Cat Stevens, has returned to the Olympic Park after a very long absence, and the MOWOS team were sure to pick up on it.

Who doesn't know him? The good old hippie, Cat Stevens, who converted to Islam and disappeared from the international stage for a very long time. Now, Yusuf has finally returned to the Olympic Hall and of course played his wonderful soft folk-rock songs from the 1970s. First, however, he was immortalised in the long list of MOWOS legends.

Yusuf brought half his family with him, none of whom were allowed to be photographed - even though his daughter Aminah is a photographer. Talking to his son, it became clear that he was probably the driving force behind his father's consent to creating a hand print. All in all, the atmosphere was very friendly and relaxed. After the official ceremony, Yusuf's wife also came along. The MOWOS team departed and the entire family remained at the cement plaque for another quarter of an hour. Yusuf's family took pictures of each other.


However, our photographer - after a little persuasion - was able to take a picture of Aminah, even though she hid her attractive face behind a Leica ...



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