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Advance sales for the 2019 Midsummer Night's Dream begin on 1st December

"A Dream" - just in time for the run-up to Christmas, on the 1st of December, the tickets for the 2019 Midsummer Night's Dream in the Olympic Park will go on advance sale. The rethink in 2018 was a complete success,...[more]


Decision in the architecture competition for the new sports arena in Munich's Olympic Park

In the architecture competition for the new sports arena, which has been running since the start of this year, the prize committee awarded a first and second prize on the 13th of November 2018. Eight architects' office teams...[more]


Another 100 days until the 2019 Handball World Championships

Munich looks forward to a major international sports extravaganza in the Olympic Hall. The preparations on the venue for the preliminary rounds are being made at top speed. In exactly 100 days this Tuesday, the 2019 Handball...[more]


For 55,000 Munich residents, the Olympic Park was a true outdoor sports paradise

For 55,000 Munich residents, the Olympic Park was a true outdoor sports paradise on Sunday at the 3rd M-net Munich Outdoor Sports Festival: whether it be kite flying, yoga or climbing - the events inspired by the motto of...[more]


Get involved and discover your sport

On the 16th of September, sports goes outdoors in Munich One month earlier than in the last two years, the 3rd M-net Munich Outdoor Sports Festival will be under starter's orders in the Olympic Park today. So for the 16th of...[more]


25 days of summer party at the impark Summer Festival

A regular fixture of every summer in Munich with a history going back decades: celebrating 37 glorious years since it was first organised was this year's impark Summer Festival. Three and a half weeks of summer fun. From...[more]


30,000 visitors experience Germany's biggest fireworks show at the 2018 Midsummer Night's Dream event

The new outing of Munich's Midsummer Night's Dream on 7th July really was a dream come true. Amid temperatures of 25 degrees and cloudless skies, 30,000 visitors revelled, marvelled and enjoyed music, art, street food and...[more]


88,000 spectators flock to MASH

My best MASH "It was my best MASH! The excitement level of the fans, who cheered the athletes on to incredible feats. The unbelievable sporting ability on show at the contests. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere bringing...[more]


Olympiapark welcomes its 30 millionth visitor to the Olympic Hall since 1972

Munich's Olympiapark has been writing its story of success since 1972, and this is also reflected in its visitor numbers. Across the whole park, around 210 million registered visitors have been welcomed so far during the...[more]


"Special tours" to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the 1972 Olympic Games

On 26th August, the opening ceremony of the 20th Summer Olympic Games in 1972 in Munich celebrates its 45th anniversary. To mark this major coming-of-age, not only will the Olympic Tower be lit up on Saturday 26th August 2017,...[more]

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