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A piece of the 1972 Olympic Games for your home

It was one of the big stars of the 1972 Olympic Games: Waldi. To mark the 50th anniversary, it is returning to the Olympic Park as a cuddly stuffed animal. It is now available in the souvenir shop!


WALDI - From the legends in 1972 as a souvenir for today

On the hands of many stars Waldi became the darling of the 1972 Olympic Games. Athletes such as Uli Hoeneß, Gerd Müller, Bernd Kannenberg and many more were thrilled at the time by this colorful dachshund with the unmistakable design in the country of the "shepherd dog nation" Germany. To mark the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Olympic Games, Waldi is now available in a limited, licensed edition at the souvenir store in the Olympic Tower for €49.95.


The first mascot of the Olympic Summer Games

Some of his successors are named Amik, Mischa and Eagle Sam, but Waldi was the first - the first official mascot of Olympic Summer Games in modern times. It was designed by graphic artist Elena Winschermann, who was part of the Munich 1972 design office led by the designer Otl Aicher. According to the story, the head of the German NOC at the time, Willi Daume, had the idea of using a dachshund as a model for the mascot. The dachshund was said to be agile and hardy. It was also considered a typical pet of the citizens of Munich.