Our Values


Who we are

We are where a great past meets a promising future. Already the architects of the park had in mind a peaceful, friendly, demo cratic and cosmopolitan appearance of the games themselves and their facilities. The meeting of people from all over the world was the main focus. The 1972 Olympic Games presented themselves cheerful, colorful and hospitable, even if the September 5 assassination meant a bitter break. The memories and experiences associated with the Games are our heritage.


How we want to be

How the employees of the Olympic Park Munich behave and the rules they follow are anchored in the corporate culture. Our mission statement reveals a lot about our identity. Sustainability, responsibility, future orientation, team spirit, enthusiasm and cosmopolitanism are the corporate values of the Olympic Park. The corporate culture must be integrated into our daily work and lead us innovatively into the future.




Munich Olympic Park is the longest-running
Olympic site in the world. As a distinct ensemble, we create unique moments. We make a place of joy for people to have positive encounters and experiences at events and leisure activities. We inspire people! And, in doing so, we take a clear stance against all forms of discrimination, violence and racism. We stand for sustainable development and are committed to operating economically, ecologically and in a socially responsible way.



Each of us bears responsibility: for ourselves, our work, the company and society. We express this responsibility by being reliable and honest towards colleagues and partners. We achieve this because each team member can identify their contribution to the company’s success and works cost-effectively in a sustainable way. We think and shape things with the bigger picture in mind – even beyond departmental boundaries and hierarchical levels.


Focus on the future

In an increasingly volatile and complex world, we want to provide guidance and lead the way!
To achieve this, we support and promote the acquisition and expansion of skills that will be in demand in the future. We are open to all new developments. This gives us an ideal basis for ideas and innovations. We rely on forward-looking technologies and a broad database that enable collaborative work.
We communicate intensively and attentively with our customers and partners. This enables us to identify trends at an early stage and create customer-centric solutions – and be the first to do so!


Team spirit

Major developments and successes in companies are the product of a team, not of one person. That’s why it is especially important to us to treat all our colleagues and partners with respect and be transparent with them. We foster individual strengths, support each other and enable people to deal with mistakes. We live and breathe this every day. We see ourselves as a community. It is important to us to contribute our skills and experience. And, in the process, we experience appreciation and mutual trust.



Today’s special moments become the memories of tomorrow.
We stand for emotion because we are passionate about our work.
We love what we do and thereby create unforgettable experiences.
We act out of conviction because we see a deeper meaning in our work. This is the basis of our success.


Openness to the world

Diverse and open-minded. We see ourselves as a company that promotes individual, social and cultural diversity and welcomes people from all over the world. For us, diversity is a sign of strength and quality! Acceptance and mutual respect form the foundation of our work. And in this, we take a stand against racism, anti-Semitism and all other forms of discrimination and violence.