Olympic Hill

With its height of 60 metres, the summit is easy to reach on this relaxed mountain tour. From the very top, there is a magnificent view of the Olympic Park, Munich and the Alps. For decades, however, the Olympic Hill has also been a popular destination for enjoying free open-air concerts.

This is the summit - with a panoramic view of the park, city and mountains

The hill was built between 1948 and 1957 as a mountain of rubble, from the rubble and ruins of the houses and buildings destroyed in Munich during the Second World War. Today, a trip to the Olympic Hill is an obligatory part of a visit to the park for many people, and the happiness of the summit at sunrise and sunset seems particularly atmospheric and romantic. The north slope has been the venue for international winter sports events several times, in the 1980s for the world's best alpine skiers in a parallel slalom, and in 2001 snowboarders met here for a World Cup race. On New Year's Day 2011 and 2013, a total of 42,000 spectators watched the city event of the Alpine World Cup, a parallel slalom for women and men. The Olympic Hill spreads a charming magic at open-air concerts next door in the stadium - for all those who want to listen to the world stars of rock and pop for free from their picnic blanket.