10/13/2005: The boy group is back again! Five years after their last performance the smart boys from Florida made an exhilarating comeback. And that was sufficient reason to include them in the Munich Olympic Walk of Stars.



After their sensational performance on the well-known TV show "Wetten dass" on 1 October 2005 the five boys from Orlando in Florida turned up on 13 October in the Olympic Hall in Munich. At precisely 6.10 p.m. Howie, Brian, Nick, A.J. and Kevin - otherwise known as the Backstreet Boys - pressed their ten hands into the MOWOS cement. Good-humoured, the five Americans walked over the red carpet and had great fun with their exceptional performance.


The boy group kept their hands in the wet cement for several minutes to see who got stuck. Their manager took a deep breath. All went well. In contrast, the staff at MOWOS were in a sweat as the OK for the ceremony was not given till 5 p.m. They had just 60 minutes to prepare everything and mix the cement. An absolute record!


Their reward was to be witness to an indescribable scene of screaming girls in a fully sold out house. There were 12,000 girls - most of them very young - making a tumultuous din. The BACKSTREET BOYS did all they could to outdo them.