Rod Stewart


With more than 100 million records sold, Rod Stewart is one of the most successful British singers - long overdue to immortalise him as one of the greats at MOWOS before his performance.

Nothing could dissuade the good-humoured Rod from his artistic ecstasy - not even his female companion. Persistent "look up, buddy - look in the camera" instructions only reached him again after he had completed his work of art. With a proud look on his face, he then took up the wooden stick to pose for the photographers. As a noble fan of the prestigious Scottish football club Celtic Glasgow, it was an absolute point of honour for Rod to immortalise "his" club in the cement as well as his hands.

And this despite the fact that the memory of the last Celtic game in the Olympic Stadium might not be the best. In 2003, the Glasgow team lost 1-2 to FC Bayern Munich in the Champions League. And since he probably suspected the euphoria that would also flood his face at his eleventh appearance in the Olympic Hall since 1980, he also added the sentence: "Munich is wonderful" to the record.