20 Jahre Basketball Europameister


Basketball history was written in Munich's Olympic Hall! The German basketball team take victory in the final of the European Championship, surprising the Russian favourites with a skin-of-the-teeth edge of just one point, taking the score to 71:70, and seizing Germany's only European Championship title to date.

20 years later, they met up again in Munich. With their then trainer, Svetislav Pesic (who is currently the trainer of FC Bayern Basketball), they also paid a visit to the Olympic Hall. The sky-high heroes were immortalised, however, in the Bamberg Building, where the party following the triumph was held back in 1993.

Ten basketball players and one trainer pressed their hands into the MOWOS plate. (from left: Michael Koch, Kai Nürnberger, Jens Kujawa, Gunther Behnke, in front Svetislav Pesic, Michael Jackel, next to him are Henrik Rödl, Henning Harnisch, Stephan Baeck, Moritz Kleine-Brockhoff and captain Hansi Gnad). There wasn't much room, as we've never immortalised such big hands and long fingers before.

The tallest player, Gunther Behnke, who is 2.21 metres tall, set the tone for the evening: it was he, not Pesic, who acted the clown around the cement box. It was all great fun and fast-paced, almost like a children's birthday party ...