Zucchero played it cool. He had just finished his sound check and was on the way to his dressing room when he waved at the MOWOS Team, gave the thumbs-up and called over: "I'll just change quickly and be there in 15 minutes."


The the Italian star arrived in familiar garb: with dark shades

and one of his legendary hats. In perfect English, Zucchero greeted the photographers and TV teams taking part in the ceremony. Zucchero has recorded many of his global hits in New Orleans and San Francisco, hence his outstanding English skills.


Before he pressed his hands into the wet red cement, he wanted to know who else had had the honour of being immortalised in the MOWOS. When B.B.King was mentioned, he clicked his tongue: "Wow, one of the all-time greats". Now the Italian also belongs to those all-time great music stars.