12.09.2006: B.B. King, the Godfather of the Blues, bade his farewell to Europe and the Olympic Hall. But the impression of his hands in cement will remain a permanent testament to the 80-year old music legend.


Everything was ready when the black S Class limousine pulled up directly at the backstage area of the Olympic Hall. B.B. King got out, gave a friendly greeting to the Munich Olympic Walk of Stars (MOWOS) reception committee and then went directly to his dressing room. He passed on the message that he was worried about damaging his fingers and would wait until after the show before leaving his hand-prints. No problem - The MOWOS team is used to the times of appointments being changed at short notice.

Only a few days before his 81st birthday, the star gave a magnificent farewell concert. Seated, but with a majestic aura and passionate guitar playing, he thrilled his Munich fans for one last time. The King of the Blues was accompanied by eight musicians. His stage career has spanned more than 50 years and has now drawn to a close - in Europe at least.

The cement was freshly mixed and B.B. King came to leave his imprint with the MOWOS team directly in front of the stage. Following his charming of the audience in the Hall, the venerable performer from the Mississippi Delta also twinkled with charm whilst leaving his hand-print. Only one wish was turned down: A signature on the MOWOS Fender guitar; his Gibson is too precious to him for that.

The balance sheet of a life for the blues:

- His own museum in Los Angeles

- 14 Grammy awards

- A star on Hollywood Boulevard

- 90x90 centimetres on the Olympic Lake