Katarina Witt



A meeting with Kati Witt is usually fun and exciting, and the press conference in the Coubertin Restaurant was no exception.

The guests of the press conference were also treated to a number of anecdotes and stories involving the MOWOS. Our chief organiser, Alexander Ganser, had raided the sewing box well, and there were plenty of things for the two-times Olympics figure skating champion still to experience in the Olympic Park.

The newest were of course the reminders of her dedication to the Munich's bid for the 2018 Olympics. But the friendly skater from Chemnitz was being honoured for more than just that: also worthy of the honour are her appearances on the ice in the Olympic Hall at the World Champions' Exhibition Skating and twice with Holiday on Ice. In 1989, Witt established a unique visitor record for the Olympic Park at the 'Eisrevue' event, which first began back in 1972: 97,000 visitors wanted to come and see Holiday on Ice, with the main reason being its guest star Katarina Witt. This alone would be reason enough to be included on the MOWOS. And it's all the more brilliant that the occasion fell in the MOWOS's anniversary year.