06/29/2004: Unite the world, pass the torch - the Olympic torch stopped for a while in Munich on its journey around the world.

The Olympic torch is on the way to Athens. The torch was carried by 120 runners over a distance of 48 kilometres through Munich. The torch was naturally lit in the Olympic stadium where it had already burned in 1972 during the summer XX Olympic Games.

The torchbearers included athletes who had excelled in 1972 and who have therefore been immortalized in the Munich Olympic Walk of Stars.

Torchbearers now immortalized in MOWOS:

Johann Färber (Gold Medal in rowing in 1972)

Klaus Wolfermann (Gold Medal in javelin in 1972)

Dr. Klaus Steinbach (Silver Medal in swimming 1972 and President of the National Olympic Committee)

Prof. Dr. Walther Tröger (Mayor of the Olympic village in 1972 and honorary president of the National Olympic Committee