Andreas Gabalier


And then came the sun glasses.

Just before the beginning of the procedure Andreas Gabalier had heard the episode of 2003 when Jon Bon Jovi was one of the first artists ever to become part of the Munich Olympic Walk of Stars. At a time when Andreas Gabalier had not even started studying law at University yet. Back then in 2003 the photographers had asked Bon Jovi to take off his sun glasses whereupon the American Rock Star took his glasses and dipped them into the cement just for a few seconds to imorint their shape. Hearing that story Austrian singer Gabalier spontaneously decided to top that – so he took his checkered sun glasses and pressed them hard into the liquid concrete. As an everlasting memory.

Gabalier appeared down-to-earth, just a few hours before his concert in the Olympiastadion, and explained that just some years ago he had never even dreamed of playing in front of a sold-out crowd in this amazing stadium – or to get perpetuated on the Walk of Stars. Along with other famous artists and his own sun glasses.