Yusuf / Cat Stevens


Yusuf aka Cat Stevens stopped by the Olympic Park again after a very long break, and of course the MOWOS team didn't miss it.

Who does not know him? The good old hippie Cat Stevens, who converted to Islam and disappeared from the international stage for a long time. Now he finally came back to the Olympic Hall as Yusuf and of course played the wonderful soft folk rock songs of the 70s. Before that, however, he was inducted into the long line of MOWOS legends.

Yusuf also brought half his family with him, but they were not allowed to be photographed, although his daughter Aminah is a photographer. In the conversation with his son, it became clear that he was the driving force behind his father's agreement to make the handprint. All in all, a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. After the official ceremony, Yusuf's wife also arrived, the MOWOS team departed and the entire family stayed by the cement slab for another quarter of an hour. Privately, the Yusuf family took pictures of each other.

At least, after some persuasion, our photographer was able to take a successful portrait of Aminah, even if she hides her rather attractive face behind a Leica...