The Olympic Park Munich GmbH


About us

The Olympic site in the north of Munich is operated by Olympiapark München GmbH (OMG), a wholly owned subsidiary of the City of Munich.

The maxims in the company Olympiapark are creative, innovative, customer- and future-oriented as well as economic thinking and acting. The company's main tasks are to acquire and/or create new events and to constantly rethink the leisure facilities and keep them attractive.

Of great importance are the services that Olympiapark München GmbH offers its customers: The company's expertise ranges from event organization, press and public relations work and incentives to catering, ticket sales and marketing, all of which can be guaranteed and offered by OMG partners such as DO & CO München GmbH or München Ticket GmbH.

Beyond its international significance as an event and leisure center, the Olympic Park represents an important economic factor for the Bavarian capital. Major events such as the European Athletics Championships in 2002, the UEFA Champions League Festival including the women's final in 2012, the X Games Munich in 2013 or, most recently, the celebrated European Championships in 2022 have had and continue to have a positive impact, particularly on the retail trade and the hotel and restaurant industry. Not to mention the promotional value that such events bring to the city of Munich and its tourism.

In order to secure and expand the outstanding variety of offers and the economic existence of the Olympic Park Munich, a unique cooperation with top-class business enterprises was established as early as 1992, the "Treffpunkt Olympiapark". The concept of the sponsor pool aims at using the communicative possibilities of the Olympic Park Munich for a selected circle of companies of different product categories. On the one hand, the cooperation partners benefit from the fascination and the high experience value of the Olympic Park. On the other hand, the financial means collected from the partnerships are used to acquire new attractive top events and to improve the infrastructure of the park. (Here link to the meeting point page?)

The Olympic Park has been the ideal platform for a wide range of events and leisure activities for over five decades and will continue to be so in the future.