Ehrlich Brothers


They left their mark with four hands in the liquid concrete, added impressions of a star and a hammer and signed with their initials A and C.

In the world of magic and illusion Andreas and Christian Ehrlich aka the Ehrlich Brothers have risen to stars indeed. Their shows have stunned an audience of millions over the last few years, with visitors racking their brains how they might have made their illusions possible: When they flew in onto the stage with a helicopter, when they forged a Lamborghini out of flames and fire or when they all of a sudden made the world’s biggest glas filled with sweets appear right in the middle of the arena.

During their visits for three shows in the Olympic Hall in October 2021 the Ehrlich Brothers found some time to perpetuate themselves in the Munich Olympic Walk of Stars. A little ceremony which showed them in good mood fooling around with lots of fun. This time it worked out without any abracadabra.