Atmospheric meeting place for balmy summer evenings with loud sound. For decades, the Theatron on the shores of the Olympic Lake has been the venue for an annual music festival for up-and-coming artists. Many bands that later became famous had their first big gigs here.

Open Air for the Guinness Book: Small stage with big records

In 1972, the amphitheatre below the swimming hall was a central venue for the famous "Spielstraße". During the cultural supporting programme of the Summer Games, the Theatron was the stage for dance and theatre, for artists, jugglers and performance. From 1974 onwards, the Munich music scene met here regularly for summer open-air concerts, and the Theatron soon became a permanent feature of the city's cultural life. In 2002, the world's longest music festival with concerts on 32 consecutive days was entered in the Guinness Book of Records. Concerts by local greats like the rhythm'n'blues combo Supercharge sometimes drew crowds of up to 7,000 on the stone steps. Many bands that were still unknown at the time also had their first big gigs here - like Sportfreunde Stiller or the Scorpions.