Anastacia, female top star of the AIDA Night of the Proms 2012, has immortalized herself in the Munich Walk of Stars.

It took seven years before the "white" soul singer from America returned to the Olympic Park. In 2004 and 2005, Anastacia celebrated major successes in the Olympic Hall with three sell-out concerts, including a DVD production. Now, there were three more celebrated appearances scheduled as part of the Proms.

Reason enough then to include Anastacia in the Munich Olympic Walk of Stars. The artiste appeared in a great mood on the third Sunday of Advent for her immortalisation in the catacombs of the Olympic Hall. The MOWOS team hadn't anticipated one small problem, however: Anastacia is actually quite small, and wasn't at first able to press her hands firmly enough into the cement. And as she was wearing what appeared to be 15 cm high heels, it wasn't possible for her to stand on a "wobbly" wooden box either. But finally, the imprint was made and everyone had great fun (see the video!!).

To finish, Anastacia was presented with a huge Lebkuchen heart with her name on it, and she was clearly delighted with it. The great thing about it was that the lady on Munich's Christkindl market who had written Anastacia's name on the heart is still a big fan of hers.