AOK Exercise Area "Fit in the Olympic Park"

Good news for everyone who likes to exercise in the fresh air and wants to do more for their health. AOK Bayern, together with Olympiapark München GmbH (OMG), offers the Exercise Island on the peninsula in the Olympic Park.

The AOK Exercise Area is an outdoor training park that incorporates coordination and balance equipment. The individual equipment stations are designed for functional training. The focus is on holistic physical training.

The AOK Exercise Area comprises a total of nine fitness machines on a 70 square metre green area in the middle of the Olympic Park. These include, for example, a back stretcher, a slackline, a jumping field and a calisthenics station.

The fitness equipment enables a versatile whole-body workout of endurance, strength and coordination. In line with functional training, the focus is on natural movement patterns. Instead of individual muscles, whole muscle chains are trained. This applies especially to muscles that are weakened in a large part of society due to a sedentary lifestyle.

The AOK Exercise Area is aimed at all interested people, regardless of age and training condition. Station boards with exercise instructions and training recommendations help with orientation.

The AOK Exercise Area open all year round free of charge.