James Blunt


Shortly before the moon landing (the name of the current tour) in the Olympic Hall, the British bard put his hands in cement.

Union Jack and traditional hat - at least that fits for James Blunt. Before his fourth concert in the Olympic Hall, the British "cuddly singer" immortalised his hands in the Munich Walk of Stars.

As decoration, the MOWOS team got an extra large Union Jack from the Olympiahalle's flag fund. A little feeling of home can't hurt before a trip to the moon, even if it only lasts two hours... Blunt was pleased, anyway, and he delivered a flawless print with signature. The new record: minimalistic, but beautiful.

And the friendly singer from the southwest of England was happy to put on the hat with the chamois beard. When signing autographs on the MOWOS flag, he was then visibly impressed by who had already signed everything here.