It was probably the world’s longest press conference. And the 90 x 90 cm MOWOS cement box stood at the centre of it all. One day before the mega-event in Munich’s Olympiahalle, MTV had invited the press along to the grand conference room of city's town hall.


The world’s press was assembled and, under the giant fresco (“Monachia”) by Karl von Piloty, dating from 1880, stood the event organiser’s almost equally monumental sponsor wall. At least 150 representatives of the press, including a dozen photographers and camera teams, turned up at 12.00 p.m. on the dot at the town hall. Only the people at MTV and the MOWOS team knew, however, was that Snoop Dogg wasn’t due to arrive until 13.30 – but nobody actually expected him to appear on time. The cement mixers were to be given the signal by telephone once the snow-white Maybach, carrying the rap star and his entourage, had left the hotel and was on its way into the city centre.


Interview after interview was lined up in the grand conference room, and once they were all finished, there was time for a ‘coffee break’. Then finally came the grand entrance that everybody had been waiting so patiently for: through a narrow door next to the stage came Snoop Dogg (with his bodyguards barely fitting through the opening). He stood in front of the cement slab, removed his bling-studded watch and plunged his long, narrow hands into the red sand. Some of the world’s press thronged greedily around the MOWOS slab, but Snoop Dogg stayed cool. Afterwards came another, in-depth interview and barely were the three hours up than the press conference was over.


The world's press had long since gone home, the conference room was once again empty and quiet, and only the MOWOS crew were still busy clearing up. Then, completely unexpectedly, Snoop Dogg came sauntering back in. Somewhat fascinated by the historic room, dating from the 19th century, he took photos with his digital camera for his private photo album and once again enjoyed the atmosphere of the place - a far cry from a rapper's usual haunts.