Munich was basking in beautiful bank holiday sunshine, and yet Bryan Adams and more than 10,000 of his fans eschewed the beer gardens in favour of a pilgrimage to the Olympic Hall. It was a special kind of holiday for rock fans.


And after 40 such ceremonies previously, the MOWOS team were surprised by something new: The Canadian superstar arrived bang on schedule. And after the short ceremony, he shook the hand of everyone involved, including the photographers present. A star you can touch - literally.


The "feel good" rocker was in a great mood and was particularly pleased to see the Canadian maple leaf flag that had been hoisted especially in his honour. Then the ten-times Grammy winner pressed his hands into the cement. He would have liked to have written into the red cement how many times he had already been here. But unfortunately he couldn't remember off-hand. We made good this deficit and counted for him: Bryan Adams has played the Olympic Hall on ten occasions between 1987 and 2007, in front of a grand total of almost 100,000 fans. In addition, he appeared at Rock in the Park in 1996. This means he richly deserves his permanent place in the history of the Olympic Park.