Since his debut in the Olympic Hall more than 20 years ago, Chris de Burgh has played 17 concerts here in front of almost 160,000 excited fans. It goes without saying that he has more than earned the right to leave his hand print on the Munich Olympic Walk of Stars (MOWOS). He is a major international star with total sales of 50 million records and 200 gold and platinum discs.


Nevertheless, Chris de Burgh remains a star with his feet on the ground, without affectations. He's simply the nice boy next door. Consequently, immortalisation in the MOWOS is also a great source of pleasure for him. The waiting journalists were only disappointed that his beautiful daughter, a former Miss World, was not accompanying him. To make up for this, Chris de Burgh made another of the radio and TV stations' wishes come true: Hearty Christmas greetings in German! This, it goes without saying, was very amusing and he only managed it after a few false starts.


After signing the guitar for the Tabaluga Foundation, Chris de Burgh inquired in detail about the charity project and showed himself to be very interested in it. It addition, he was visibly impressed to see how many of his colleagues had already left their mark on the MOWOS.